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Environmental requirements for Micromatic's subcontractors


The following environmental requirements apply to suppliers who supply products and services to Micromatic.


1: The supplier must as a minimum comply with current environmental legislation and, where relevant, meet the requirements of ISO 14001. Formal certification is a recommendation and is seen as a merit in Micromatic’s choice of supplier.

2: The supplier shall primarily offer Micromatic products and services that are eco-labeled. It must also be the Supplier’s ambition to replace existing non-eco-labeled products with eco-labeled alternatives.

3: The supplier shall provide information on whether the product is covered by some form of producer responsibility or other regulations that involve special handling during decommissioning. This may mean that the product must be returned to the Supplier when it is to be scrapped.

4 Environmental charges that are linked to the product or service shall be included in the offered price.


1: If the product or service can be of such a nature that additional environmental requirements can be set. In that case, this must be stated in the offer.


1: The supplier must, at the request of Micromatic, be able to show that the requirements in this document are met.

2: Micromatic reserves the right to revise the Supplier at any time with regard to compliance with requirements.