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Code of conduct

The code of conduct is guidelines for how we at Micromatic conduct our business in an ethical, social and environmental manner. The Code is an overarching framework for our activities and is largely based on international conventions, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UN ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles of Rights at Work.

The code of conduct covers all our employees and should permeate our work and be a guide in our business. Revised annually if necessary.

Taking responsibility
We at Micromatic have a joint responsibility for the impact the company, through its decisions and activities, has on the development of society, its customers, employees and other stakeholders affected by the company. We are thus responsible for ensuring that all activities are carried out in line with the code of conduct and that measures are taken in cases where the activities have or have a result that deviates from this.

At Micromatic, we must publish our guidelines, decisions and activities that affect people, society and the environment in a clear, correct and complete manner. This applies both to the individual employee and to our other stakeholders. In some cases, which are not of particular public interest, however, discretion applies with information about employees, assignments and the company.

We at Micromatic must perform our profession with integrity, honesty and free from misleading or intentional bias. Self-interest or otherwise biased interests must be disregarded in all work carried out within the framework of Micromatic’s operations

Ethical behavior
We at Micromatic must behave ethically in accordance with values ​​of honesty, fairness, discrimination and integrity. We must show concern for people, animals and the environment in general and show consideration for the needs of our / all stakeholders.

Environment and sustainable development
We at Micromatic will contribute to long-term sustainable development through proactive environmental and sustainability work in all our operations and areas of influence, locally and regionally.

Work environment and health
Micromatic should be a workplace with a high ceiling (open conversational climate, where everyone feels safe to say their opinion), where everyone thrives and develops. The individual employee’s work environment and health must be in focus. Curiosity and the development of people’s ideas should be key words. Micromatic must be characterized by a good corporate culture, by which we mean, among other things, mutual trust, commitment, community and humor.

Bribes and bribery
We at Micromatic may not offer, pay or accept bribes. Respective employees must have knowledge of what is classified as a bribe. Representation is permitted, but must be done in moderation and with regard to any restrictions of the parties involved in the matter.

Respect for human rights, the rule of law and international standards of conduct
We at Micromatic and everyone who collaborates with or works on behalf of Micromatic, must respect and follow international conventions as well as applicable laws and regulations. In cases where compliance is impossible, an assessment must be made and documented. It shall contain Micromatic’s position and measures.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child  https://unicef.se/barnkonventionen/las-texten
UN Declaration of Human Rights  http://www.regeringen.se/informationsmaterial/2012/01/a11.017/
UN ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles of Employment Rights  http://www.manskligarattigheter.se/sv/vem-gor-vad/forenta-nationerna/ilo