Other machine park inventory

Do you have a great need for complex products with high demands on precision and tolerance levels and are looking for a contract manufacturer who understands your needs?
Then you have come to the right place. We at Micromatic have extensive experience and are specialists in contract manufacturing in cutting processing. You provide drawings and specify your wishes and we create the products that you need.

In our cutting department, we develop products using:

– Turns
– Sunk spark
– Jiggslip
– Round slip
– Pressing
– Planslip
– Drilling
– Drumming

In our control department, we develop products using:
– CNC Measuring Machine
– Projectors
Hardness measurement
– Surface fineness measurement
– Roundness measurement
– Microscope

In our department for computer-aided design, we use programs such as:
– Cad
– Solidworks
– Cam
– AlphaCam
– MasterCam
– Cad / Cam
– Fanuc Pc Fapt Cut